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Amazing Vision

Fashion Optical



Still Not Convinced?

  • EYE HEALTH IMAGING. For most guests, this eliminates the need for a time-consuming, blurry, and uncomfortable dilation!
  • NO AIR PUFF! These days there’s no need to use that old technology. We use a small handheld instrument that many people don’t even feel. Most people describe it as more like a faint tickling sensation.
  • AFTER-PURCHASE CARE. We continue to care for you even after your purchase. We’ll call you to see if our products have amazed you. If not, we’ll do what it takes to amaze you.
  • WE DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME. We’re breaking the old health care standard of making patients wait. Many doctors’ offices consider a half-an-hour wait as acceptable. We find it UNacceptable! Nay, we find it inconsiderate!
  • NON-COMMISSION OPTICIANS. You won’t feel pressured to purchase anything. Our team is paid based on how satisfied you are, not by what you buy.
  • CONVENIENT LOCATION. No need to walk from one end of a mall to the other. Just drive right up to our front door.
  • COMFORTABLE ENVIRONMENT. Have a seat in our soft lounge area with big screen TV. No more hard waiting room chairs.
  • COMPLIMENTARY BEVERAGE. Enjoy a hot coffee, cold soda or refreshing bottled water.
  • NO RISK! Did we mention that if you don’t have an amazing experience, we give you a full refund?